Claims Investigator - Brooklyn, NY

Claims Investigator - Brooklyn, NY
Location: North America
City: Brooklyn, NY
Job Type: FT

GlobalOptions is an international investigative firm servicing the insurance, government, and legal communities. We perform surveillance, activity checks, and background investigations on worker's compensation, auto liability, general liability, and long and short term disability claims.

We are currently seeking experienced claims investigators throughout Brooklyn, NY area. This is a full time position with benefits (medical, dental, vision, holiday pay, paid time off and matching 401K).

This position requires the candidate to conduct various investigations related to insurance claims to include but not limited to statements, scene inspections, subrogation investigations and mortgage insurance claims. The applicant should have at least two years experience conducting statements, scene inspections and or subrogation investigations.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides professional, expedient, and legal investigative services as requested by clients.
  2. Performs case reviews to determine case objective and to verify information regarding address, telephone number, vehicles, and any other information to be generated.
  3. Conducts surveillance of both stationary and mobile subjects in a covert manner.
  4. Obtains professional, quality video and photographs which will meet the requirements of clients and guidelines of court evidence.
  5. Utilizes on-line case reporting system, to prepare and submit accurate summations of case activity on a daily basis.
  6. Utilizes on-line case reporting system, to submit time and expense per case on a daily basis..
  7. Utilizes on-line case reporting system, to prepare concise and accurate reports depicting all aspects of the progression of an investigation. Submits reports through on-line system.
  8. Completes case objective/special instruction within budgetary constraints.
  9. Maintains twice daily contact with management regarding case activity.
  10. Maintains professional attitude and appearance when representing the company to clients, court personnel, and others during work related interaction.
  11. Verbally/electronically (e-mail) update clients regarding case activity on an as needed basis.


  • Current Private Investigator’s License.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Two years experience conducting investigations.
  • Must be able to write investigative reports.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours and days.
  • Must have skills to work independently.

To apply for this position, please send your contact information along with a cover letter and resume to:

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.