Surveillance and General Claims Investigator - Albany, NY

Surveillance and General Claims Investigator - Albany, NY
Location: North America
City: Albany, NY
Job Type: FT

GlobalOptions Services is an international investigative firm servicing the insurance, government, and legal communities. We perform surveillance, activity checks, and background investigations on worker's compensation, auto liability, general liability, and long and short term disability claims. We are currently seeking an experienced surveillance and general claims investigator to join our team in the Albany, NY area. This is a full time position offering dental, vision, holiday pay, paid time off and matching 401K benefits. This position requires applicants to have reliable transportation.

A successful candidate will have a minimum of two years surveillance experience and with some experience taking statements and scene inspections. Candidates should have excellent report writing and verbal communication skills. Investigators must be able to perform stationary and mobile surveillance in a variety of environments, including high crime areas and be comfortable with the use of pretext investigations. Compensation is commensurate with experience and quality of work product and includes travel pay and mileage reimbursement.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides professional, expedient, and legal investigative services as requested by clients.
  2. Performs case reviews to determine case objectives.
  3. Schedules appointments and conducts recorded interviews with claimants, insureds, witnesses and third parties.
  4. Obtains documentation and evidence relevant to investigations, accidents and injuries.
  5. Obtains professional, quality photographs and diagrams of accident scenes and property damage which will meet the requirements of clients and guidelines of court evidence.
  6. Conducts surveillance of both stationary and mobile subjects in a covert manner.
  7. Obtains professional, quality video and photographs which will meet the requirements of clients and guidelines of court evidence.
  8. Types concise and accurate reports depicting all aspects of the progression of an investigation.
  9. Completes case objective within budgetary constraints.
  10. Maintains daily contact with management regarding case activity.
  11. Completes case objective within budgetary constraints.
  12. Maintains professional attitude and appearance when representing the company to clients, court personnel, and others during work related interaction.
  13. Verbally/electronically (e-mail) update clients regarding case activity on a daily basis.

Other Functions:

  1. Conducts general investigations such as statement taking, interviews, locates, employment verification/business license checks.
  2. Assists management and co-workers on case activity.
  3. Testify in court as a witness.


  • Must have valid a Private Investigator license.
  • Must be able to write or dictate investigative reports.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours and days.
  • Must have skills to work independently.
  • Must be willing to travel.

To apply for this position, please send your contact information along with a cover letter and resume to:

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.